Existing slaughter house.

Existing slaughter house.

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Welcome to Goa Meat Complex

The Goa Meat Complex Ltd is a Government undertaking which was established with Government funding like most of the Government companies and Corporations. The Goa Meat Complex Ltd is registered under Companies Act.1956. The Government of Goa required setting up a modernized Centralised Slaughter house as the then municipal slaughter houses were very old, primitive and lacking hygienic aspects. The said slaughter houses were very small and could not cater to the growing demand of meat eating population. Further, the municipal slaughter houses were uneconomical, ill-managed and unable to provide the modern facilities due to various techno-economic factors, which deprived the meat eating population from their right to have wholesome and hygienic meat. Therefore, the Government decided to set up a centralized slaughter house at Usgao under the aegis of Goa Meat Complex Ltd.

The main objects of the Company are to organize the provisions of efficient and modern hygienic facilities for slaughtering of animals in the Public and Private Slaughter houses and to provide wholesome hygienic meat.